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Prices will change as of Sept 1, 2021. Please email for updated price until we can get prices changed on our website. Thank you!

Full Plate Plaques

Full Plate Plaque Pricing as of 09/2021

4x6  $13.50     -     5x7   $14.55

6x8  $17.50     -     7x9   $21.95

8x10  $25.50     -     9x12   $26.95

10 1/2x13   $40.50    -    12x15   $51.50

Cost of plaque board including color plate + 15 ยข a letter for engraving 
Logo extra charge -  Your choice of font and design!

Plaque Boards

Standard Black Board

Standard Brown Board

Standard White Board

Rosewood Piano Finish Board

Black Piano Finish Board

Walnut Piano Finish Board

Perpetual Plaques

Little League/Coaches/School Plaques

Half Plate Plaque Pricing as of 09/2021

4x6 $13.45    -   5x7  $14.45

6x8  $16.45   -   7x9 $17.45

8x10 $25.45

Bronze Cast Plaques