Keith's Trophy Supply, Inc.

Serving you and the community since 1964

Frequently Asked Questions

-Where is your business located?

     We are located in (Downtown) Stockton, California.
     Located between Main St. and Weber St.
     About 6 blocks East of the County Courthouse.
22 North Grant Street Stockton, Calif. 95202

-How much are your trophies price wise?

     When ordering trophies there are a lot of things to think about.
     Our trophies can run anywhere from $5.00, which is a standard figure
     on a marble base, and up. You would have to come into our showroom     
see what kind of trophy is right for you and if it is in your price range

-What type of plaques to you have?

      We have several different kinds. Different board colors (Wood, Black, White, and
       maybe a few other colors depending on what plaque you are looking
       at). Also different sizes and styles. Custom sizes and styles can be
      special ordered, but you will have to ask the sales team about other

-Why not order from online stores?

       Of course when searching online we are sure you'll find a website
       that can sale you a cheaper product. But with cheap products comes
       cheap work, wrong spelling, and a lot of returns. Our advice is to stay
       local, not only is it easier but if something is not correct, such as
       spelling or date, it is much easier to correct.

- Our Advice!

       Know what general price range you want to spend on awards.
       Know what wording you want on award (We have examples!)
       Discover what size is best for your award
       Give us enough time to work on your award, so there's no rush!

-How do we contact you for an order?

      Give us a call, email or come in and talk to us. We have all the 

      Answers to your Questions!



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